Page link: Aliwal North 1849-1879
Aliwal North 1849-1879
The arrival of Primitive Methodism
Page link: Aliwal North, South Africa
Aliwal North, South Africa
Atlas of PM Missions, 1920
Page link: Aliwal North, South Africa - 1899 Article
Aliwal North, South Africa - 1899 Article
Impressions of a minister returning to the place he was born.
Page link: Baila-Batonga, Central Africa
Baila-Batonga, Central Africa
Rev H Buckenham led the first mission to this area in 1889
Page link: Fernando Po
Fernando Po
First visited by Primitive Methodists in 1869
Page link: Jamestown, South Africa
Jamestown, South Africa
1st chapel opened 1876
Page link: Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
formerly part of Aliwal North Circuit
Page link: Nigeria, West Coast
Nigeria, West Coast
First Primitive Methodist service held here in 1893
Page link: Port Harcourt Circuit, Nigeria
Port Harcourt Circuit, Nigeria
Primitive Methodist Preachers' Plan, 1931