Conscientious Objectors

16,000 men registered as conscientious objectors during the First World War. 3,400 joined the Royal Army Medical Corps, or the Non-Combatant Corps, dubbed the ‘No Courage Corps’.  6,312 conscientious objectors were arrested; 5,970 faced a court martial - and most were imprisoned. 81 conscientious objectors died, and others had mental breakdowns, due to their harsh treatment in prisons and work camps. Many continued to be ostracised after the war, even by their churches. Here are some of their stories.

Page link: Albert Bateman (1886-?)
Albert Bateman (1886-?)
Conscientious Objector
Page link: Albert Spencer
Albert Spencer
'Conscience or Funk?'
Page link: Charles Mason
Charles Mason
Concientious Objector
Page link: Emanuel Nunes Ribeiro (1883-1995)
Emanuel Nunes Ribeiro (1883-1995)
A Salford Hunger Striker
Page link: George Henderson (1893-1919)
George Henderson (1893-1919)
Conscientious Objector
Page link: Gilmore Dando (1896-1962)
Gilmore Dando (1896-1962)
In Horfield Prison, Bristol, 1919
Page link: Henry Haston (1892-1918)
Henry Haston (1892-1918)
CO who died at Princetown Work Centre
Page link: Henry William Firth, Conscientious Objector
Henry William Firth, Conscientious Objector
Died in Princetown Work Centre, Dartmoor, 1918
Page link: Jack Foister, one of the 35 'Frenchmen'
Jack Foister, one of the 35 'Frenchmen'
Sentenced to death for disobeying military orders
Page link: John George Winter (1892-1918)
John George Winter (1892-1918)
Died as a Conscientious Objector
Page link: Robert Wright
Robert Wright
Newspaper report of Military Service Tribunal, 1916
Page link: Robert Wright
Robert Wright
The Diary of a Conscientious Objector, 1916-1918
Page link: Robert Wright (1889-1964)
Robert Wright (1889-1964)
Conscientious Objector and Local Preacher
Page link: Spencer Alfred Lockett (1890-1967)
Spencer Alfred Lockett (1890-1967)
An objection to taking Human Life
Page link: William Leighton Dann (1890-1961)
William Leighton Dann (1890-1961)
'A Pronounced Pacifist'
Page link: William Ralph Done (1892-1976)
William Ralph Done (1892-1976)
Conscientious Objector