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Basingstoke Circuit Ministers

By Roger Ottewill on 21/08/2017 at 08:34

Assistance Required

I am currently researching Nonconformity in Basingstoke for the new Victoria County History project and the Family and Community History Research Society’s Communities of Dissent project. There was a Primitive Methodist presence in the town from the first half of the nineteenth century until 1932. Thanks to Geoff Dickinson’s very helpful biographical information on the website, I have been able to put together a fairly comprehensive profile of superintendent ministers for the Basingstoke circuit. However, there are some gaps. Does anyone have references for the obituaries of:

• George Lee (who was minister at the time of the 1851 Religious Census);

• Samuel Ainsworth (minister from 1898 to 1899);

• Jonas Holroyd (minister from 1904 to 1908);

• William Gladstone Rutherford (minister from 1913 to 1916);

• Frank Hull (minister from 1916 to 1921);

• Frank Davidson (minister from 1921 to1924); and

• Ezra Ramm (minister from 1928 to 1931)?

Any leads would be much appreciated.

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