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Rev. Walter Stott, Wishaw, Scotland

By Geoff Dickinson 2014 on 01/12/2017 at 10:48

Walter Stott was my great-uncle. I am 90 but recall seeing him when a boy. I'm searching for a good reproducible photograph of him for a Family History project. I have a Wishaw studio print of his wife Alice Glover Barkla (same as appears on your website). The picture of Walter on the website suggests that you may have a better original. Would it be possible to have a good copy made for me? I will reimburse any costs involved.

I could offer other information about his origins in Widnes , Lancs, particularly his connections with Cronton Wesleyan

Methodist Chapel, from which I have a copy of the register containing his baptism there on 14th February 1860. He later baptised my eldest brother there on 21 May 1916.

Henry Stott


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