Archibald Chandler


By Raymond E.O.Ella

Leicester Record Office holds the following information:

Ref. R888 (DE8300): Archibald Chandler of Leicester, Piano Teacher & Peace Campaigner, c.1930-1964, etc. Visiting Card, Primitive Methodist Membership, Papers, Diaries, etc.  

Also DE7286: Archibald Chandler: personal papers incl pacifism and conscientious objection, cultural and religious activities c1930-1949

Archibald Chandler was born on 5 December 1901 at Leicester, to parents John Enoch Chandler, a shop assistant, and Violetta.

The 1939 Register describes Archibald as single and a teacher of pianoforte music. He died on 20 January 1988 at Leicester.

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