Bailey Lane End PM Chapel, near Drybrook

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George Larkinson

Photo:Bailey Lane End PM chapel in 1992

Bailey Lane End PM chapel in 1992

David Hill

Photo:Bailey Lane End in 1992

Bailey Lane End in 1992

David Hill


By Rachel Larkinson

Bailey Lane End is a small chapel, originally Primitive Methodist,  that was in the Forest of Dean Circuit, now incorporated into the much larger Gloucestershire Circuit.  My husband, Roger Larkinson, was their minister from 1981-88, and at that time they still held an annual Camp Meeting.  They also have a long tradition of holding a musical festival.  This photo was taken by our son, George, on 20th August 2006, when he went back to visit the area.  The chapel, which is still in use, had recently been refurbished and a local preacher can be seen arriving for the evening service.  The chapel is in a beautiful rural setting in the Forest and enjoys strong local support.

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