Loughborough Churches past and present

Photo:Swan Street Methodist Church

Swan Street Methodist Church

Photo:Swan Street Church No.2 Earlier Photo

Swan Street Church No.2 Earlier Photo

Photo:Inside Swan Street Church

Inside Swan Street Church

Photo:Leicester Road Wesleyan Church

Leicester Road Wesleyan Church

Photo:Leicester Road Church Sketch

Leicester Road Church Sketch

Photo:Inside Leicester Road Church

Inside Leicester Road Church

Photo:Trinity of the Present

Trinity of the Present

Photo:Trinity Front Entrance

Trinity Front Entrance

Photo:Trinity Different View

Trinity Different View

Photo:Trinity Front Garden

Trinity Front Garden

Photo:Construction Of Trinity

Construction Of Trinity

Photo:Trinity (demolition of garage next door)

Trinity (demolition of garage next door)

Lieutenant Boys' Brigade Leader and Sunday School leader

By David Dyson

I am Dave currently a leader at the 1st Loughborough Company Boys' Brigade for the under 8's called the Anchor Boys, I am also in charge of recruitment\marketing, fundraising and also the companies Archivist, our website is here at www.1stloughboroughbb.kk5.org.

I am currently as well a Junior Church leader for ages 9 onwards at Trinity Methodist Church in Loughborough.

Why is this relevant?, well the Boys' Brigade of the 1st Loughborough was founded at the Swan Street Methodist Church in 1938 by Mr Bram Sharpe, the company celebrated it's 75th year in August 2013.  

The small chapel there originally was built  in 1849 according to my source but was removed to accommodate a larger Church building in 1871 for 600 people, It belongs to the PRIMITIVE METHODISTS.

In 1828 the WESLEYAN Church was built on Leicester Road which the Brigade used after Swan street closed its doors for good.


Photos of these churches are in the gallery notice the Swan Street Churches School room hall next door


The photos in the gallery are that of Swan Street Methodist Church, Leicester Road Church and finally Trinity of Loughborough.

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