Cowes West Hill Primitive Methodist Church

Photo:West Cowes Primitive Methodist chapel

West Cowes Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1984

location of former West Hill Primitive Methodist chapel

12-14 Beckford Rd Cowes PO31 7SG

By Christopher Hill

Cowes West Hill Primitive Methodist Church was a very impressive building opened in 1889.  After closure in the 1960s it became used as a public library.

The foundation stones on the buildings display the following inscriptions:

  • To the Glory of God The Foundation Stone of this School was laid by Mr James Jones
  • Laid for H. Adams, esq. of Sheffield Vice President of Conference
  • Laid in memory of Mrs. Sargent, by G.S.
  • To the Glory of God Laid by the Teachers & Scholars of This Sabbath School.
  • To the glory of God laid in memory of Mrs. Ralph, 50 years a member with us.
  • To the glory of God laid in memory of Mrs c. Warne, of
  • West Cowes. 
  • Laid by Mr. & Mrs J.E. Seymour of Southsea 
  • To the Glory of God" This Stone was laid by G.A. Beaden esq.  Janry. 16th 1889. Ministers - REV. J.H. Harradine,  REV. J.T. Gooderidge.

There was another Primitive Methodist Church in Market Hill.  

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