Easington Lane Primitive Methodist chapel

location of the first Easington Lane Primitive Methodist chapel

Brickgarth, DH5 0LE

By Christopher Hill

Primitive Methodism had an energetic society in Easington Lane which gradually outgrew its chapel.  As a result they decided to enlarge it by the addition of a gallery that seated a further 140 people. It would cost £100.

Celebrations of the re-opening, including a tea meeting, started on Sunday April 24th 1859. Speakers at the opening events included Speakers Rev H Phillips (Allendale) T Gibson, W Dent, W Graham, J Featory, (Hoswell) and W Parker who was lately arrived from Bendigo, Australia.

There is a record of the event by E Hall in the Primitive Methodist magazine.

On the 1884-1886 1:2,500 Ordnance Survey map, the Primitive Methodist chapel is marked on what was then Brick Garth and is now Elemore Lane, close to the junction with the A182. By 1896 the chapel has moved a little to the west, with a substantial rectangular building for each of chapel and Sunday school. Both buildings are still there in 1959. In time the chapel became Central Methodist church, but has since been demolished.


Primitive Methodist magazine August 1859 pages 501-502


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