East Lound Primitive Methodist Chapel

Photo:East Lound Chapel

East Lound Chapel

Archive photograph.

Epworth Circuit

By David Leese

The parish of Haxey, Lincolnshire includes remote settlements, three of which had Primitive Methodist Chapels. Burnham, Westwoodside and East Lound as well as the one in Haxey itself.

East Lound is on the east/west road leading from Haxey to the important former river crossing at Owston Ferry. This was the key river crossing from Doncaster to Grimsby- the one where Wesley nearly drowned.

A chapel was built in the hamlet of East Lound in 1862 and closed in 1958. It was never numerically strong: on the 1913 Epowrth plan it had 8 members.

Immediately after closure it was used as a billiards room (see sign over door on photograph), but was subsequently demolished and replaced by a house.

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