EAST,Timothy Sydney 1879 - 1961

Obituary from the Minutes of the Methodist Conference 1962, page 198

Born at Hereford in 1879. He entered Hartley College in 1906 and served in circuits as far apart as Glasgow, Abergavenny, Birmingham, Eastbourne, Aldershot. Scotter, Ripon, Brigg, Wiqterton, Retford, Beverley and Hull.

He retired from the active work in 1938, and this enabled him to concentrate on a most helpful and rewarding ministry as chaplain to the Western General Hospital. where for over twenty years he remained the much beloved pastor both of the patients and the nurses alike.

He was a man of deep human interests and of wide sympathies. The fact that he himself had known hardship and suffering, which he had faced with true Christian fortitude, enabled him to understand and to encourage others.

He loved to preach, and continued to do so with great acceptance for over sixty years. In the pulpit he was forthright, sincere and simple concerned above all else to point others to the Lord whom he delighted to honour.

When he was confined to his sick room for the last two years of his life, he remained impatient to the end to proclaim the Gospel of Christ His Saviour.

Yet he learned to resign himself to the Father's will and passed peacefully away on 20 December 1961, in the eighty-fourth year of his age and in the fifty-fourth of his ministry.

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