Goulceby Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:1834 Goulcely Primitive Methodist chapel

1834 Goulcely Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1995

By Christopher Hill

Goulceby Primitive Methodist chapel was built in 1834 and was enlarged in 1837. In the Primitive Methodist magazine for 1834, Henry Sharman dates the opening services as 06/07/1833 & 07/07/1833 when the preachers were J Butcher and W Paddison.  The opening was embellished by Mrs Wright giving the chapel a beautiful bible and hymnbook.

The chapel closed in 1886 and was converted into a house.

Although Keith Guyler gives a grid reference with his picture which points to Top Lane just east of its junction with Butt Lane, I am unable to find the exact location of the Primitive Methodist chapel on Google Street View. Can anyone help?

There were Wesleyan and Free Methodist chapels in Butt Lane.  

location: 255795


Primitive Methodist magazine  1834 p.464


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Hi Christopher, location of PM Chapel not known, but at the Lincolnshire Archives in Lincoln there are these documents:

Ref. Meth/G/Goulceby/, Primitive/D: Trustees, Chapel Registration and Deeds.

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