Grayshott Road Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Grayshott Road Primitive Methodist

Grayshott Road Primitive Methodist

Handbook of the Primitive Methodist Conference 1908; Englesea Brook Museum

location of the former Grayshott Road Primitive Methodist chapel

Grayshott Road, Shaftesbury Park, Lavender Hill SW11 5UR

By Christopher Hill

Grayshott Road Primitive Methodist chapel was erected in 1875. Stones were laid on November 21, 1874 by:

  • J. T. Hawkins, Esq., M. A., for the Right Hon. Earl Shaftesbury, K. G.
  • Rev. J. Toulson, Superintendent, 7th London Circuit
  • a Shareholder of the Artizans, Labourer's and General Dwelling Company Limited
  • Rev. W. E. Crombie, Minister
  • Mr. A. J. Rouse, Acting Architect
  • J. Lose, Builder.

The Chapel seated 400 and cost about £2,600. The entrance to the Chapel was up a flight of steps and the Schools are underneath the Chapel.

It was located at the junction of Grayshott Road and Gideon Road.  It is still there on the Ordnance Survey map of 1921 but on the O.S. plan of 1948-1951 it is labelled as a warehouse. The site in 2015 is occupied by a block of flats.

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