Harewoodsend (Harewood End) Primitive Methodist chapel

approximate location of Harewoodsend Primitive Methodist chapel

Harewood End HR2 8JS

By Christopher Hill

Harewoodsend is a village about 9 miles from Hereford. For several years before Harewoodsend Primitive Methodist chapel was opened on Sunday April 11th 1858 there had been services and a well established society in the village.

The new chapel was 29' x 19', built of stone with a blue slate roof, boarded floor, forms and pulpit. It cost £130 of which they had raised £50. Principal donors included Benjamin Watkins of Bromley, Mr Dew and Mr Fisher.

Preachers at the services and tea-meeting for 180 included Thomas Hobson, who described the opening in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1858, Rev J Richards and J Shepherd. At the afternoon service more than 100 people could not get in so Rev Richards preached in the open air.

The chapel is marked on the 1888 Ordnance Survey 1:2,500 map but by 1904 it is labelled "Church room."  That disappears between 1964 and 1974.


Primitive Methodist magazine July 1858 p.434


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