Hollingsworth Hampstead Norris Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Hampstead Norris Primitive Methodist chapel

Hampstead Norris Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1996

location of former Hampstead Norreys Primitive Methodist chapel

Hollingsworth Hampstead Norreys THATCHAM RG18 0SJ

By Christopher Hill

Keith Guyler's notes with his photograph do not give an opening date for the Hampstead Norris Primitive Methodist chapel; he just says it closed in the 1960s.  However,the GenUK website refers to a Primitive Methodist society existing before 1851.

The chapel is sited in Hollingsworth which is less than half a mile from the village centre.

Just to confuse things, the village name is sometimes spelled Norris and sometimes Norreys.

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