Okeford Fitzpain (Fitzpaine) Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former Oakford Fitzpain(e) Primitive Methodist chapel

Pound Ln, Blandford Forum DT11 0RD

By Christopher Hill

Okeford Fitzpain (Fitzpaine) Primitive Methodist chapel was opened on March 23rd 1859. The society had previously met in the cottage of Mrs Brown, an "aged pilgrim". but when membership outgrew the space, the Brown family gave part of their garden for a chapel.

The new chapel which seated 100 measured 24' x 23' and 14' high, had 14" thick walls. The cost was £110 of which they had raised £45 by the opening. Henry Brown was a key fundraiser and C Hopkins the contractor.

Preachers at the opening were Revs J Bendle, JS Brown and T Smith (Mere), together with  "a pious soldier".

The chapel is marked on Ordnance Survey maps of 1887 and 1902. On Google Street View in 2011 the chapel still exists, overgrown, but secured with bricked up windows, a substantial metal door and padlocks. The date stone is sill there although not readable, and there is a Wessex Water "keep out" notice.


Primitive Methodist magazine June 1859 page 368


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