Old Kasenga, Zambia


By Johannes Van Der Weijden

Edwin Smith founded in 1909 Kasenga Mission in Zambia.

This page shows the remainders at a visit at 2nd November 2014.

Are there any plans or pictures of the old Kasenga Mission? I would be very interested in it.

Photo:Storage of properties after leaving the mission

Storage of properties after leaving the mission

Photo:The former well at the school premises

The former well at the school premises

Photo:The school premises

The school premises

Photo:The church

The church

Photo:The road from the church to the hospital

The road from the church to the hospital

Photo:The Hospital

The Hospital

Photo:The grave of Dr. Catherine

The grave of Dr. Catherine

Photo:The road to the river Kafue

The road to the river Kafue

This page was added by Johannes Van Der Weijden on 26/11/2014.
Comments about this page

Hi Johannes,

Thank you for starting this page.  My grandfather Dr Herbert S (Bert) Gerrard and his wife Doris succeeded Edwin Smith at Kasenga as a medical missionary and they were there between 1915 - 1929.  My uncle and mother were born there.  We have some of Bert's photos from that period, letters home and Doris's recorded memories.  I will attempt to add these to this site and create a page for Dr Gerrard.

By Simon Potter
On 15/12/2014

Hi Simon

I have received a mail of your brother Jim with a number of beautiful photos of Old Kasenga. I read the book about your grandfather, written by your uncle (or father?). I am trying to collect material for a cultural centre in Namwala and think that the Primitive Methodist Mission is a important part of (with people like Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula and Robinson Nabulyato who got their education by PMM).

By Johannes van der Weijden
On 16/12/2014

Hello Johannes

My partners Aunt was named Kathleen Delainey. She worked as a nurse at Kasenga Mission from 1938 to 1940. She died and was buried at Kasenga on 6th October 1940. You have a picture of a grave in front of a tree, the picture labelled as the grave of Dr Catherine. I am wondering if this is the same person as they have similar first name. I also have a photo of the grave when Kathleen was buried and it looks very similar to the one here.

Can you tell me how the grave has been identified, maybe the name Dr Catherine has just been passed down by word of mouth as is not quite correct.

Thanks for any help.


By Ian Matthews
On 09/07/2017

At the moment I am in Namwala and am not sure whether I got this information verbally or whether it was written. I remember they told me it was the grave of doctor Cathrine but it could have been Kathleen.

I come back to you


By Johannes van der Weijden
On 11/07/2017

Hi Johannes,

I am the great grand daughter of Edwin Smith. I was fascinated to come across your photos of Nanzela and Kasenga And to see how much of Nanzela has survived. Is there really nothing left at ? Africa has played a big role in my family's life although we are all UK based now. I was very touched to see Thabo's grave.My grand mother, Matsadisio, who was born in the mission house at Nanzela, left me Thabo's christening mug, which is on my bookshelf now.

Your work at the school looks very impressive and worthwhile .

best wishes,


By Gilly Howard-Jones
On 05/08/2017

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