Coalway; Pisgah Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Pisgah Primitive Methodist chapel, Coalway

Pisgah Primitive Methodist chapel, Coalway

Keith Guyler 1990

Pisgah chapel, Coalway

Old Road, Coalway, Coleford GL16 7JJ

By Christopher Hill

After several attempts, the Primitive Methodists revived their mission to the Lane End district of the Forest of Dean in 1857 and built a chapel called Pisgah at Coalway in 1861.  Wikipedia tells us that 'Pisgah' is said to be the name of a mountain in the Holy Land, more usually known as 'Mount Nebo' in the area east of the River Jordan, and north-east of the Dead Sea.

Google Street View shows building work taking place in 2009 and the chapel still appears on the local Methodist website in 2015

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