Shawbury Heath Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former Shawbury Heath Primitive Methodist chapel

Bings Heath Astley Shrewsbury SY4 4BY

By Christopher Hill

The Primitive Methodist magazine gives an account by W Wood of the opening of Shawbury Heath Primitive Methodist chapel in the Hadnall circuit. Opening services and tea meeting for 300 started on September 19th 1858 when the speakers were S Ward of The Wood near Oswestry, Thomas Whitehouse, J Powell, T Gregory and W Wood. "Twenty sinners were saved by grace"

The new chapel was brick built, 24' x 18' and 12' high, "ceiled and (with) a boarded floor".  It cost £110 of which they had raised £60.

The chapel closed around 1975. On Google StreetView in 2009 it is still standing.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1859 p.42


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