Tooting Primitive Methodist chapels

Photo:Defoe chapel, Tooting High Street

Defoe chapel, Tooting High Street

Christopher Hill

Photo:Tooting Defoe chapel and market

Tooting Defoe chapel and market

Christopher Hill

Photo:Lynwood Road chapel and schoolroom, Tooting

Lynwood Road chapel and schoolroom, Tooting

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Photo:Lynwood Road schoolroom, Tooting

Lynwood Road schoolroom, Tooting

Christopher Hill

Defoe and Lynwood Road chapels

Defoe Chapel and Lynwood Road, Tooting

By Christopher Hill

The London Gazette of 29th April 1913 declares that:

“A Separate Building, duly certified for religious worship, named PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHURCH, situated at Lynwood-road, Tooting, in the civil parish of Wandsworth borough, in the county of London, in Wandsworth registration district, was, on the 23rd April, 1913, registered for solemnizing marriages therein, pursuant to 6th and 7th Wm. IV, c. 85, being substituted for the building named Defoe Primitive Methodist Church, situated at High-street, Tooting Graveney, now disused.—Dated the 24th April, 1913.

ALFRED NICOL HENDERSON, Superintendent Registrar."

Both chapels are still in existence.  Defoe chapel, next to Tooting market on Tooting High Street, was an existing chapel rebuilt in 1766 bought by the Primitive Methodists in 1904.  It is now a shop although in April 2014 is the subject of a planning application which proposes to demolish significant parts of the Chapel and to dramatically change its appearance.  The more substantial Lynwood Road chapel is now used by Lynwood Christian Fellowship






























Defoe's Chapel
Defoe's Chapel (1748k)

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