Waddingham Primitive Methodist chapel

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Photo:the 1865 Sunday school at Waddingham Primitive Methodist chapel

the 1865 Sunday school at Waddingham Primitive Methodist chapel

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location of Waddingham Primitive Methodist chapel

Silver Street Waddingham DN21 4SJ

By Christopher Hill

The first Waddingham Primitive Methodist chapel dates from 1835.

This building was replaced by a new chapel on the same site in 1859 and a Sunday school added in 1865. The 1859 opening was described in the Primitive Methodist magazine by E Tyas, one of the preachers at the opening which started on 31st July 1859. Other speakers were J Garton (Hull) and A Beanland (Lincoln). Mr Hollingsworth supervised the work; Mrs Dawber was very generous in her donation. The chapel cost £177.

This chapel was demolished in 1992 because repairs were too costly and the former schoolroom was converted into a chapel.

The cross which hangs in the current chapel was made using timbers from the 1859 chapel.

It is still active in 2015


Primitive Methodist magazine November 1859 page 684


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Mrs Dawber was a generous donor when the chapel was built.  I've added information on the 1859 opening.

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