Willingham Bethel Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Willingham Bethel Primitive Methodist chapel

Willingham Bethel Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1995

location of former Willingham Bethel Primitive Methodist chapel

High Street, Willingham by Stow, DN21 5JZ

By Christopher Hill

Willingham Bethel Primitive Methodist chapel dates from 1876. It served until 1988.

By the time of Keith Guyler's photograph in 1995 it had been converted into a house - 33 High Street

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Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

Ref. Meth/C/Willingham, Bethel/D/1/1: Equitable Mortgage Deed, 3 items and 2 letters, 1908-1911.

Ref. Meth/C/Willingham, Bethel/H/1/1: Chapel Sunday School Attendance Register, 1905-1932.

Ref. Meth/C/Willingham, Bethel/D/4/1: Renewal of Trust, 1907.

Ref. Meth/C/Willingham, Bethel/C/2/2: Invoice for Coal, 1929.

Ref. Meth/C/Willingham, Bethel/D/4/2: List of Present & Deceased Trustees, 1930.

Ref. Meth/C/Willingham, Bethel/C/4/1: Receipt for Insurance Premium, 1929. 

Ref. Meth/C/Willingham, Bethel/E/7/1: Sale of Chapel, 11 items, 1987-1989.

Other documents and one or more photographs of Chapel exterior. Ref. to find and locate and view.


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