Worthington Primitive Methodist chapel

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Main Street, Worthington, Leicestershire LE65 1RX

By Christopher Hill

The tablet on the front of the chapel dates it as 1820.  This is only two years after the third PM circuit was established in September 1818 in Loughborough, 8 miles away and makes it one of the earliest chapels still in use.  However by the mid-1850s Worthington is recorded as only having a Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Melville & Co.'s Directory & Gazetteer of Leicestershire (1854) and the 1855 Post Office Directory.

Services are held here occasionally (March 2014) and it is also used by the parish council.  It is a grade 2 listed building.

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For more about this chapel, follow this link to see how it changed from Primitive to Wesleyan.

By Jill Barber
On 05/11/2014