Collecting second hand books

Photo:plan ahead!

plan ahead!


Photo:a real mouthful!

a real mouthful!


driven to distraction

By David Scott

The country is scarred with the tyre tracks of a multitude of white vans which have provided fodder for the many booksales which, over the years, have underpinned the finances of the developing project. Many unsung heroes have shifted banana boxes in vast quantities,at all hours of the day and night but gone home to well deserved rest,knowing that they had faithfully fulfilled their task in the true Primitive tradition of seeing a task to completion.

This is almost reward in itself but the discovery of some literary gem to then inhabit our very special Library provides a special degree of satisfaction.

As another collecting season spreads out before us we look forward to renewing our contacts with our faithful collectors,sharing tea and cakes and even ham salads!


Thank God for Motorways!

Have you any books? or do you enjoy driving? Give us a call.

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