Connexional Editors

By Geoff Dickinson

The following were appointed Connexional Editors, along with the year of appointment.

1821   Hugh Bourne

1843   John Flesher

1852   John Petty

1857   William Harland

1862   William Antliff

1867   Phillip Pugh

1871   James Macpherson

1876   Colin C McKechnie

1887   Thomas Newell

1892   H Bickerstaffe Kendall

1901   Henry Yooll

1906   Joseph Ritson

1911   J Dodd Jackson

1916   John G Bowran

1921   Edward McLellan

1926   Joseph C Mantripp

1931   B Aquila Barber


B A Barber, A Methodist Pageant, 1932, p310

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