Henry Parr, of Bollington


By Jill Barber

Henry Parr, the son of Samuel and Alice Parr, was born at Broadholme, near Heage, in Derbyshire, on 3 December 1822, and in June 1824, moved with his parents to Macclesfield.  

He was ‘of a reserved but affectionate disposition’, and when he was about nine years of age, ‘he was induced to attend the preaching, and a class, among the Primitive Methodists, at Bollington.’

In 1835, a Camp Meeting was held at Bollington, ‘after which, a great work broke out. Many very young persons were brought to God. Henry among the rest.’

A special class was formed for the children, at which 12 year old Henry gave his testimony ‘as clearly as a person could have done at 30 years of age’. The Sunday before he died, he attended a lovefeast at Bollington Lower House. He stood up to speak, and shared his experience ‘which was powerful and interesting’. When he returned from the lovefeast he gave his mother a hug, and told her ‘O Mother! I have had a good afternoon.’

The next day he was taken ill ‘of a rash fever’, and died three days later.


E Allen, ‘Memoir of Henry Parr’, Primitive Methodist Children’s Magazine, October 1835, pp145-148 

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