Bowbridge Primitive Methodist chapel

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Bowbridge Primitive Methodist chapel

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former Bowbridge Primitive Methodist chapel

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By Christopher Hill

This the first opening of this chapel was noted in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1858 when it was called Low Abbott Side Primitive Methodist chapel.

Low Abbot Side is north of Bainbridge. Low Abbott Side Primitive Methodist chapel in the Middleham circuit opened on Sunday May 9th 1858. Bro John Parrish preached the first sermon; later ones at services and a tea meeting were preached by Miss Davies, JH Allen of the Hawes, G Robinson, Rev JA Wood, Thomas Rutherford of Sunderland  and R Cordingley, who described the occasions in the Primitive Methodist magazine. Thanks to Andrew Souter for bringing the two names together.

The note on Keith Guyler's picture says the chapel was opened in 1908.  

The Primitive Methodist Leader  March 14, 1918 gives the following account

"Clearing a Chapel Debt.

The Bowbridge Sunday school, Middleham Circuit,  has established a record in its school festival on Ash Wednesday. At the teachers' annual meeting it was decided to give the proceeds of this effort to the extinction of debt on the trust property. Two of the leathers, Miss M. M. Thompson and Miss A. Middleton, were appointed to collect subscriptions. The remit of their efforts amounted to over £.30. Rev. Dr. Scurrah, a former scholar and member, promised to make up what was required in memory of the jubilee of his conversion in the Bowbridge  Revival, a revival which lives in the memory and experience of the Dales people. In the afternoon Dr. Scurrah preached an eloquent sermon. There was a good attendance.  In the evening the Doctor spoke with much feeling of/the revival in 1668 when the whole Dale came under its influence.  He, with others, formed a mission band, and walked miles to proclaim Christ. They were eager to promote the work of God, and realised great success.  The Bowbridge Society has always been under the influence of that gracious revival. The Doctor's father was its first superintendent of the Sunday-school, and the members are this descendants of the honoured parents of those days. During these days of war a number of young ladies of the society have come forward and given themselves to the work of preaching. A training class was started by the circuit minister, and the class has been greatly appreciated. During the evening there we special singing under the leadership of Mr. J. H. Lomax. Councillor Wright, of Thirsk presided, and the circuit minister gave the closing address.  The report of the school was given by Rev, J. M. Ridge.  The proceeds amounted to over £40, clearing the debt and leaving a balance of over £20 in the trust fund."

An account of a Womens' Missionary meeting in the Methodist Leader for 1931 also tells of an interesting place: "the sale of two Missionary Lambs was of a lively character, particularly as one wanted to be among the congregation"

The chapel was closed in the 1962 and is now a house.


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The Primitive Methodist Leader  March 14, 1918  accessed Jan 22 2015


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The first chapel to be built was in 1858, the great revival was in 1868. The chapel closed May 1962.

By Andrew souter
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Thanks for the additional information Andrew here and on the page reporting its opening as Low Abbott Side Primitive Methodist chapel.  I've incorporated all the information here.

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