Milldale Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:former Primitive Methodist chapel at Milldale

former Primitive Methodist chapel at Milldale

Keith Guyler 1988

Milldale Primitive Methodist chapel


By Christopher Hill

A dissenters' chapel was opened at Mill Dale in January 1836, but was transferred to the Ashbourne Primitive Methodist circuit in 1886. Although it was closed for regular worship in 1986, in 2015 it is always open for visitors and special services are still held there.

There is an account by R Jukes in the Primitive Methodist magazine of the opening of the chapel in Mill-dale. It took place on 3rd and 4th January 1835 when the preachers were J Tomlinson, F N Jersey and D Towers. "The collections were liberal" and there was "scarcely any debt on it."


Primitive Methodist magazine 1836 p. 318


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For a picture of the interior of this chapel see Brailsford PM Church, and note the comment on this page.

By Jill Barber
On 12/07/2016

Milldale Methodist chapel features as one of 60 selected churches, and is well illustrated in the 2016 book by Dixie Wills "Tiny Churches," pages 159-162. The feature includes reference to the work of John Benton and Eleazor Hathorn. It is the only Methodist chapel to be chosen as a "Tiny Church" for the purposes of the book.

By David Leese
On 18/01/2017