Nomansland Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Nomansland Primitive Methodist chapel

Nomansland Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1989

Nomansland Methodist chapel

Forest Road Nomansland SP5 2BP

By Christopher Hill

In 1816 a house and field belonging to Thomas Truckle was licensed for worship, but little more is known of Methodists here until 1846 when Primitive Methodist services were being held. A mud-walled (clay and chopped heather) chapel was built to the north of Chapel Lane (by 1856?) and this served until c.1880 when it was replaced by a brick building surrounded by iron railings.

In 1901 a new chapel was erected on the top of a low hill, next to the Lamb. The 1881 chapel became a schoolroom.  The notes with Keith Guyler's picture say that his picture is the 1881 chapel; however his picture is of the chapel near the Lamb.  Can anyone cast light on my confusion?

The society is still active.

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