Wootton Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Wootton Primitive Methodist chapel

Wootton Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1991

location of former Wootton Primitive Methodist chapel

Tiptoe Road, Wootton

By Christopher Hill

In his 1864 The history of the Primitive Methodist connexion, page 445 John Petty describes how a Primitive Methodist chapel was erected in Wootton after a preacher visited the hamlet in 1843 and "converted a number of sinners . . . and formed a society of nine members." 

At the tiime of Keith Guyler's photograph in 1990 the chapel was disused. 

The chapel building still survives and is a red brick structure with a slate roof on Tiptoe Road.  Google Street View in 2011 shows it as unloved and waiting for a use.


John Petty, (1864), The history of the Primitive Methodist connexion, page 445


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