Wilton Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Wilton Primitive Methodist chapel

Wilton Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1990

location of Wilton Primitive Methodist chapel

Kingsbury Square Wilton Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2 0BA

By Christopher Hill

In 1821 the house of William Sanger, a 'Tent' Methodist then preaching in Salisbury, was licensed for Primitive Methodist worship. By 1829 there was a regular congregation of 40 members. In 1837 a new chapel with 113 free and 50 other seats was opened in West Street. In the 1851 religious census the attendance was 32 for morning service, 48 for the afternoon and 69 in the evening, with 16 children at Sunday School.

In 1880 (1875 according to the Wiltshire Community history website)  an impressive new chapel, with seating for 150, was opened in Kingsbury Square and the old one closed. In 1936 the Primitive and Wesleyan congregations combined in the ex Primitive chapel. Later the Methodists moved in with the Wilton URC congregation and the building became St. Edith's Roman Catholic Church. The Methodist and the United Reform congregation later moved back in.

On Google Street View 2011 there is no indication on the building as to what it is used for.




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