Wendling Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:the 1877 Wendling Primitive Methodist chapel

the 1877 Wendling Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1987

Photo:The 1915/1928 Wendling Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1915/1928 Wendling Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1987

location of Wendling Primitive Methodist chapels

Station Road Wendling NR19 2NE

By Christopher Hill

The notes with Keith Guyler's photograph of Wendling Primitive Methodist chapel associate its development with four dates.  There is explanation on the Wendling Parish Council website.

The first chapel cost £100 to build. It was a wooden structure with a tiled roof and measured 24’ x 17’. Mr Guyler dates it from 1846 and says it became a shop and was also used at some point by the St John's Ambulance organisation - although the Parish website says it has disappeared.

The first chapel was replaced in 1877 by the chapel in the first photograph. It is currently a house - The Old Chapel

At the start of the 20th century there was a Band of Hope of 130 members and the society had grown so much it needed larger premises. In 1915 they moved across the road to a new chapel.

This was further developed in 1928.

The chapel is still in use in 2015.

locations: 929938 and 921939


Wendling Parish Council website accessed 27th August 2015


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