Hugh Bourne

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Born on 3 April 1772 at Ford Hayes. Died on 11 October 1852.


  • 1819 Tunstall
  • 1824 Editor
  • 1842 Tunstall
  • 1847 Tunstall (S)


Primitive Methodist Magazine 1852/754; 1853/513ff; 1878; 1919; 1932

H B Kendall, Origin and History of the PM Church,vol 1, p8; vol 2, p2 (Portraits)

J T Wilkinson "Hugh Bourne" pub 1952

W Leary,Directory of Primitive Methodist Ministers and their Circuits , 1990


1. As one of the founders of the Primitive Methodist Movement, Bourne is extensively referenced in the literature and on this site. This page focuses on the picture from Primitive Methodist Magazine and the circuits and references provided in Leary.

2. A biography of Hugh Bourne by his friend Thomas Bateman was serialised in the Primitive Methodist Magazine for 1853. It can be downloaded below. 

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This page has been updated by adding the Biography of Hugh Bourne by Thomas Bateman, which has been transcribed by Hugh A Bourne, a descendant of a first cousin of Hugh Bourne. 

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