Theddlethorpe St Helen Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:1852 Theddlethorpe St Helen Primitive Methodist chapel

1852 Theddlethorpe St Helen Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1995

location of Theddlethorpe St Helen Primitive Methodist chapel

Saltfleet Road, Theddlethorpe, Mablethorpe LN12 1NS

By Christopher Hill

The first Theddlethorpe St Helen Primitive Methodist chapel was opened in 1835. It stood on an exposed sea bank and was difficult for people to access, but in time it became too small for the society and a replacement  chapel was opened in 1852 with a Sunday school added in 1888. The first chapel became a doctor's surgery

The new chapel measured 28' square and 15' high to the wall plate.

The Primitive Methodist magazine for August 1852 contains an account by Hugh Campbell of the opening of the chapel on 23rd May 1852 with sermons from J North of Grimsby and W. Briggs of Hogthorpe.  A successful tea meeting was held the following day.

The last service was held in the chapel at Christmas 2003 and it was then converted into a private house.

location of the 1835 chapel: 478889


Primitive Methodist magazine August 1852 498-499


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Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln holds the following records:

Ref. ML199251: Sunday School, Primitive Methodist, Theddlethorpe St. Helen's, Fen Lane?, built 1888, adjacent to the PM Chapel, built 1852.

Ref. Meth/C/Theddlethorpe/, Saint Helen's, Saltfleet Rd., 1852, first Chapel 1835.

Ref. Meth/Theddlethorpe/Saint Helen's/C/2/3, (Primitive): Chapel Keeper's Expences Book.

Ref. Meth/C/Theddlethorpe, Saint Helen's/J/4/1: Notes on the history of the Chapel (Primitive Methodist).

Ref. Meth/C/Theddlethorpe, St. John's/A/1/1 (Wesleyan Chapel) to include some ex-Primitive baptisms 1904-1924.

Ref. D10C/DISS/4/1835/8: Certificate for Nonconformist Chapel: Theddlethorpe, year 1835. (It is not clear if for St.Helen's PM Chapel or St. John's-Wesleyan Chapel, or a Baptist Chapel).


By Raymond E.O.Ella
On 28/11/2017

The PM Chapel was within the Louth PM Circuit 1835-1932/3.

Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

Theddlethorpe may/should have Preachers (men or women) named with dates of visitations amongst the following, thus:

Primitive Methodist Preaching Plans, Chapels within the Louth PM Circuit:

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/5: year 1854.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/6: year 1864.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/7: year 1873.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/8: year 1886.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/9: year 1895.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/10: years 1900-1908.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/11: years 1911, 1915, 1918.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/12: year 1929.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/H/1/13: year 1930.


Ref. Meth/C/Theddlethorpe, St.Helen's/H/4/1?: Sunday School Account Book, 1890-1932.

Ref. Meth/C/Theddlethorpe, St. Helen's/C/2/1: Trust Account Book, 1851-1897.

Ref. Meth/C/Theddlethorpe, St. Helen's/C/2/2: Trust Account Book, 1897-1932.


Ray & Marie.

By Raymond E.O.Ella
On 27/12/2017

Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/ (microfilm ref. 2/77): Circuit Baptisms, 1831-1837.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/A/?: Circuit Baptisms, 1873-1932/3.

Ref. Meth/B/Louth P/A/1/2: Circuit Baptisms, 1836-1875, with a Stewert's/Steward's Accounts, list of subscribers Preachers Book-Room, year 1838. 

By Raymond E.O.Ella
On 27/12/2017

The date stone with name, apex front wall, Chapel:

The first word is now St.Helen, this having been altered in the past from the word Primitive, previously the wording much neater. Close-up viewing would also conclude this. 


By Raymond E.O.Ella
On 29/12/2017

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