Calverley Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Calverley Primitive Methodist chapel

Calverley Primitive Methodist chapel

Handbook of the 92nd Primitive Methodist Conference, Bradford 1911

location of Calverley Primitive Methodist chapel

Carr Road, Calverley, PUDSEY, LS28 5PQ

By Christopher Hill

The Yorkshire Returns of the 1851 Census of Religious Worship include Rehoboth Primitive Methodist chapel in Calverley.  It was erected in 1840 and accommodated 56 in free seats and 96 in other seats. Attendance on the afternoon of Census Sunday in 1851 was 50 with 42 children in Sunday School, and 41 in the evening.  The return was submitted by the Steward, William Milner, a cloth manufactuary.

Park Primitive Methodist chapel in Calverley was opened in 1872.  It is still open in 2016.

There is a wide exploration of the development of Primitive Methodism in Bradford and District in James Gordon Terry's Doctoral Thesis.


1999 Terry J G The Causes and effects of the divisions within Methodism 1796 - 1853 PhD thesis, University of Huddersfield accessed online January 27th 2016 at





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