Greenock Station Circuit Primitive Methodist Preachers' Plan

1900 Oct-Dec

By Ruth Parrott

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The Faid Family, Greenock Primitive Methodist Church, Scotland

John Faid, no. 2 on this Preaching Plan, was a Customs Officer and Local Preacher.  He was married to Sarah Jones, and was living at 31 Roxburgh Street, where his daughter Sarah died in 1883, at the age of 5. They moved to 12 Brisbane Street, Greenock, where their son Ezra died in 1884. Another son was born in 1885, and a daughter in 1886.  John also had a daughter Jane, who married David D Anderson, and engineer, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Greenock on 7 June 1900. John died at the age of 63 on 5 October 1903. Sarah Faid died at 17 Brachelston Street, Greenock on 29 April 1913 age 69.

They had three sons Robert, John and William.

Robert Faid, no. 5 on this Preaching Plan, was a Butcher and Local Preacher. He married Margaret, the third daughter of William Beck, contractor, of Glasgow, at the Primitive Methodist Church, Greenock on 5 June 1894. Their first child, John was born in 1895 but died at the age of 9 months.  Robert and Margaret were living at 95 Dempster Street, Greenock, where a daughter was born in 1897. By March 1900, when their third child was born, they had moved to 30 Newton Street, but this son only lived two days.  In 1901 they had another daughter. By December 1905, when their next son was born, they were living at 40 Mearns Street, Greenock, moving again, to 51 South Street, by 1912, when another child, a girl was born.

John Faid, was a Marine Engineer, who married Annie Spence in Glasgow on 27 July 1907, and had a daughter on 11 March 1908, born at 43 Kelly Street, Greenock.  

William Faid, the 3rd son of John and Sarah, married Agnes McGill, at Queenston, S Africa on 21 September 1909.

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