Grimsby Ebenezer Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:interior of Ebenezer Primitive Methodist chapel, Grimsby

interior of Ebenezer Primitive Methodist chapel, Grimsby

Handbook of the Primitive Methodist Conference 1919; Englesea Brook Museum

Cleethorpe Road Grimsby

By Christopher Hill

Ebenezer Primitive Methodist chapel in Grimsby was built in 1871.
It became known as New Clee in 1950.

Ebenezer Chapel was demolished in 1968-69 and Grimsby's first Asda supermarket was built on the site.  It was near the corner of Mangle Street.  Can anyone locate it precisely?

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My sister and myself were both baptised at this church as we lived in Thorold St. I'm sure that the church hall backed onto Thorold St.

I always thought there had been a fire there which is why it was demolished.

By Claire Taylor
On 14/09/2017

There was a fire in the chapel. Later demolished, it was on the corner of Cleethorpe Road and Mangle Street. Asda built a store on it. We used to play football in Asda's car park as kids. We also played inside the chapel when it was fire damaged, under the stage was full of water.

By Anthony Mclernon
On 18/10/2017