List of Primitive Methodists who served as Chaplains in WW1

Photo:Phil Fisher taking communion on the battlefield

Phil Fisher taking communion on the battlefield

Englesea Brook Museum

Barber, B Aquila  (CF)
Bellew, W E  (CF) 
Bishell, Charles S  (CF)
Briggs, James Henry
Callin, R Wilfrid  (CF)
Collins, O M
Cowie, R
Dain, Major
Delafield, S G  (CF)
East, T S  (CF) 
Edwards, S William 
Emmitt, Ernest S (CF; MC)
Firth, Joseph  (CF/RAF; KHC OBE MC MID)
Fisher, Philip J  (CF) 
Gilbert, Joseph E  (CF) 
Gray, Arthur George  (CF)
Grayson, J Watson  (CF)
Green, William
Grierson, J  (CF)
Hammersley, Walter
Hancox, T W  (CF)
Harper, Thomas  (CF; MC)
Heward, Thomas B  (CF)
Horne, Edwin de J  (CF)
Hull, H M
Johnson, Hermon F
Kendall, George   (CF)
Lacey, Edward
Leggate, Herbert  (CF; MC & Bar)
Lowe, Albert  (CF)
Mainwaring, John
Morgan, Thomas W
Mowforth, Stephen M  (CF)
Musson, William J  (CF)
Parlow, J J   (CF)
Parnaby, Walter Norman  (CF)
Pitchford, Hubert
Rider, Robert
Sands, Thomas  (CF)
Scott, G Tulip  (CF)
Smith, Edwin W  (CF)
Spedding, Robert Kewley  (CF)
Spray, Tom Rowland
Standing, George  (CF; KHC CBE MC DSO MID x 4 The Order of the Crown of Italy)
Street, Ralph
Swinnerton, William  (CF)
Targett, W S
Trussell, G Reginald
Tubb, William Joseph  (CF)
Tucker, George
Wardle, W Lansdell
Wearmouth, Robert F  (CF; MA BSc PhD FMH)
Wood, L H
Woodward, Herbert H   (CF)


An initial list of 33 named individuals was supplied by Dr Neil E Allison, the official historian of the United Board, which is the organisation set up at the beginning of WW1 to enable Baptist, Congregational, Primitive & United Methodists to send their own military chaplains to serve their denominational troops. He has served as a military chaplain for over 16 years and has written and lectured widely on the work of the United Board and the work of its chaplains. Dr Allison has written about some of their ministry in more detail in The Clash of Empires 1914-1939.

43 chaplains were listed in the Primitive Methodist Missionary Society, 75th  Report, 1918.

The list is being added to as others who served as Primitive Methodist Chaplains during WW1 are identified.

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