Huncote Primitive Methodist chapels

Photo:First Huncote Primitive Mthodist chapel

First Huncote Primitive Mthodist chapel

Christopher Hill 2016

Photo:side elevation of first Huncote Primitive Methodist chapel

side elevation of first Huncote Primitive Methodist chapel

Christopher Hill 2016

Location of first Huncote Primitive Methodist chapel. The new chapel is at the southern end of Forest Road

Cheney End LE9 3AD and Forest Road LE9 3BH

By Christopher Hill

Primitive Methodists built a chapel in Cheney End, Huncote in 1874. Thirty-three years later  in 1907, to coincide with the Primitive Methodist Centenary, they built a new church in Forest Road. The new church which cost £1050 was designed to seat 220.

In 2016, the original chapel is used as a store.  It is the registered office of Veloce Spares Ltd, set up by Velocette Owners Club to supply its members with parts to keep their classic motorcycles operational.  The date stone retains the date 1874, but the rest of the writing - probably the phrase Primitive Methodist - has been obscured.

The Forest Road church is still in use.

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