Louth Circuit Primitive Methodist Preachers' Plan

Jan-Apr 1833

By Ruth Parrott



Englesea Brook Museum



Englesea Brook Museum

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Robert Glen has identified the author of the Hymn printed on this plan as John Stamp, who appears as a local preacher on this plan. The same hymn can be found in The Christian's Spiritual Song Book, 1845, pp. 26-7, under the title ‘Jubilee’ with Stamp as the author.

John Stamp later became a Primitive Methodist minister, and was expelled, before forming the short-lived Primitive Methodist New Connexion. He is a fascinating character and Robert Glen has just written a scholarly article about his life and published works. An article about his first wife, who appears on this plan as an exhorter 'SS' will be forthcoming in the Ranters Digest

By Jill Barber
On 08/08/2017