Stoner's Green Primitive Methodist chapel

where was it?

By Christopher Hill

The Primitive Methodist Magazine of February 1851 contains a short description by R. Eaglen of the opening of Stoner's Green Primitive Methodist chapel.  A plot of land was rented for £2/10/0 a year  and the chapel built.

The chapel was opened on Sunday 24th November 1850 and "although it rained heavily all the day, the chapel was crowded and the collections were liberal."

The new chapel was 25' x 18', built of red brick and well lighted.

The difficulty comes in that I can't find where Stoner's green is - or was.  All I know is that it was in the Ipswich circuit.


Primitive Methodist Magazine February 1851 pp.114-115


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The thing to remember about the early Prims is that they were simple folk with poor literacy. So I suggest you look for places that sound like Stoner's Green, but spelt differently. There is a place called Stones Green in Essex postcode CO12. But whether this is the answer to your problem - I don't know!

By Martin Woodhall
On 29/01/2017

See planning application for land of former mission church at Stones Green

By Martin Woodhall
On 29/01/2017

A society at Stones Green is mentioned in the article published in 1919 about the Harwich Circuit. At that time the society was meeting in a rented room. 

Looking at the Ipswich Circuit Plan for 1851, Stoner's Green is shown in the section of the plan that covers the Harwich area (with Bradfield, Harwich, Dovercourt and Horseley Green) places which are all near Stones Green, nr Great Oakley, Essex.

It seems likely that Martin in correct, and over the years between 1851 and 1919 the names Stoners Green has reduced to Stones Green.

By Geoff Dickinson
On 30/01/2017