Hartlepool Brougham Street Primitive Methodist chapel

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Primitive Methodist Magazine 1902

location of Hartlepool Primitive Methodist chapel on Brougham Street, now Durham Street.

Durham Street Hartlepool TS24 0JD

By Christopher Hill

The Primitive Methodist magazine of April 1852 contains an account by W Dent of the opening of Hartlepool Primitive Methodist chapel.

The town was first missioned by Mr Lazenby in 1822.  In 1825 under the guidance of Mr T Oliver of Sunderland a society was established.  They met in a granary rented from Mr J Cambridge and in 1830 the first chapel was built on the Croft. The town expanded rapidly and after a lapse, numbers grew; side galleries were added in 1833.  By 1850 they had decided a new chapel was needed  - and much of the initial money was raised by "laides with well-furnished baskets", an excellent bazaar and tea meetings, the first for 500 people.

The foundation stone was laid on March 27th 1851 with an address by Mr H Hebbron of Sunderland  The opening took place around Sunday 7th December 1851 with sermons by Mr Harland and Mrs Hallam of Ripon, Mr T Smith (North Shields) and J Dodsworth of York.

The chapel was 19 yards square, 32' high , built with "a peculiar kind of limestone", corniced ceilings, a singing pew for 100 people. It held around 1,000 people and cost around £1,020.

Mr Dent finishes by pointing out that the chapel is located almost directly opposite a new Catholic church "and within speaking distance of it, as if on purpose to bid up its protest against the errors, the corruptions and the arrogance of Rome."

The chapel closed at the end of August 1959 with most of the congregation going to Central Estate Methodist Church.  It was demolished in 1964.

There are photographs on the Hartlepool History Then and Now website.


Hartlepool History Then and Now website  http://www.hhtandn.org/venues/2756/brougham-street-primitive-methodist-church  accessed February 5th 2017

Primitive Methodist magazine April 1852 pp-244-246



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