Oldland Common Primitive Methodist chapel

location of 1873 Oldland Common Primitive Methodist chapel

Bristol Circuit

By Christopher Hill

According to the Religious Census of 1851, a congregation of Primitive Methodists in Oldland Common worshipped in shared premises and an estimated 70 worshippers met on March 30 that year. The return was competed by Edward Horsey, its Minister, who lived at "Upper Easton, Bristol, Gloucestershire".

Oldland Common Primitive Methodist chapel was opened on July 24th 1853 and Joseph Preston submitted an account to the Primitive Methodist magazine, to tell us about it. He preached one of the opening sermons with others by Mr Workman (Wesleyan) and Mr Waters of Bristol. Mr Nation preached after the tea meeting on the following day.

The chapel was small and neat. It measured 16' x 24' and had a gallery to seat 40 people. Unlike many new chapels they were not saddled with a large debt - they owed only £17 of the overall £50 cost, which they hoped to pay off in two years.

Mr Long (Wesleyan) gave stone and pantiles and lent the money without interest. Mrs Long collected "several sums of money" and Mr Long and the trustees did much of the work "gratuitously".

A later chapel was built in West Street, BS30 9QS, in 1873 which still exists (2017) as Unity Methodist church. Is this on the same site?


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