Northmoore Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former Northmoor Primitive Methodist chapel

Griffiths Close OX29 5TA

By Christopher Hill

Northmoore (nowadays spelled Northmoor), a small village some six miles from Oxford, was first missioned in the 1820s and a small society established. In the early 1840s they had a hard time through persecution; they were turned out of their meeting room, several members were turned out of their houses and jobs and their open air meetings were interrupted by the ringing of bells

Nonetheless they persevered. Land was bought and a temporary chapel built in 1843. In 1853 it was taken down and  a brick chapel built in its place. It opened on July 31st 1853 when Rev S West preached. Celebrations continued the next day with meetings and tea for 200 held in a barn - the chapel was too small. Preachers were Rev J Brown of Oxford and Rev J Major of Farringdon. The opening is reported in an account by George Waite in the Primitive Methodist magazine of October 1853


Primitive Methodist magazine October 1853 p.618

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