Butt Lane Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:benches made by Hugh Bourne and last known to be in Butt Lane Methodist chapel

benches made by Hugh Bourne and last known to be in Butt Lane Methodist chapel

lantern slide held in Englesea Brook collection 1907

location of Butt Lane Primitive Methodist chapel

Chapel St Kidsgrove ST7 1NF

By Christopher Hill

Butt Lane is a suburb of Kidsgrove. Thomas Locket, in the Primitive Methodist magazine of February 1855 tells of the opening of Butt Lane Primitive Methodist chapel in 1854.

Butts  Lane had been missioned forty years previously, but it took them until 1850 to build their first small chapel, 24 feet by 18 feet, "the birth-place of many souls, and a nursery for a flourishing Sunday-school." Within four years it was not big enough, so they bought more land and built next to it a chapel that was bigger - 39' x 27' with 18" thick walls and room for 200.

The preachers who conducted the opening services were brothers T. Moscrop, from Bollington, S. Ward, Esq., of Oswestry circuit, S. Tillotson, of Congleton, sister E. Palfreyman, of Tunstall, and brother J. Guest, of Wrockwardine Woodcourt.

On Google Street View in 2011 Butt Lane Methodist church is on the site, although it cannot be seen behind the vegetation, so it is not clear whether it is the same building. The chapel does not appear on Find a church on the Methodist.org.uk in 2017, so presumably has closed.

The Talkeinfo website says that the Butt Lane chapel included some wooden benches made by Hugh Bourne himself for the nearby Coal Pit Hill Primitive Methodists.  What happened to them?


Primitive Methodist magazine February 1855 p.111

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