Stainton Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former Stainton Primitive Methodist chapel

Holme Hall Lane Stainton ROTHERHAM S66 7RD

By Christopher Hill

There is an account by Robinson Cheeseman in the Primitive Methodist magazine of the opening of Stainton Primitive Methodist chapel.  Stainton is described as a village of around 250 people, the first place that Primitive Methodism was active in the area.

The chapel was the outcome of a generous decision by "Mr. James Curtis, a respectable farmer in the village, but not a member of society, to build us a chapel at his own expense, which was legally settled on the Connexion a few days ago, by a lease deed for 500 years, on paying the sum of one shilling per annum".

The chapel held 100 people. On the 1891/2 1:2,500 Ordnance Survey map the Primitive Methodist chapel is shown at the southern end of Ham Hill Road, roughly where Cliffe House is now located, although it is not clear which side of the road it is.  By the 1902 map it has disappeared.


Primitive Methodist magazine March 1856 p.175


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