Southampton Primitive Methodist chapel

By Christopher Hill

In the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1856 T Powell writes about the re-opening of Southampton Primitive Methodist chapel after renovation. "Our chapel here has lately been very much improved, our kind friends, Mr. R. Tasker and Mr. R. Hill, having expended about £25 in improving the walls and repairing the ceiling. We have also had the whole of the pews, pulpit, gallery, door, etc., painted and grained, at an expense of about £27 and have also had a ventilator put in - an air-tight tube - to reach from the opening in the ceiling above the roof. "

Celebrations including services and a tea meeting for 140 started on Sunday, May 18th, 1856, when the Rev. B. Hartley preached. Other addresses came from   Rev. A. M‘Laren, B.A., R. Hartley, Rev. Mr. Russell, from Glasgow, and Mr. Hill.

What else is known about this chapel?


Primitive Methodist magazine  August 1856 pp.499-500 

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