Newport Primitive Methodist chapel

Pontypool circuit

By Christopher Hill

In the Primitive Methodist Magazine of 1858, Newport is described by Joseph Hibbs as "an improving seaport" where the Primitive Methodist society had been forced to move their place of worship 5 times in 15 years. In 1851 they  worshipped at Oddfellows Mall, Mill Street. Obtaining a plot of land was difficult because of local objections, but  Newport Primitive Methodist chapel was opened with services starting on Friday March 5th 1858. Preachers included Miss MC Buck of Leicester and Rev T Hobson of Hereford.

The new chapel measured 33' 6" square, had enough land to double its size and was insured. It cost around £400 of which they had raised the required third. Donors and collectors included C Bailey MP, T Brown, J Firbank, Messrs Horner, S Hoyd, Pritchard, R Brown, Mrs Firbank and Miss Craighill.  

Where was this chapel and what happened to it?


Primitive Methodist Magazine pp.363-364


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