Newton Primitive Methodist chapel

In the Cwm circuit - but which Newton was it?

By Christopher Hill

Newton Primitive Methodist chapel in the Cwm circuit was opened on 16/03/1833 & 17/03/1833.  Preachers on the Sunday were Messrs Grieve, Foster & Horsell and on the Monday Messrs Morish, Adams & Rich.  

Preachers first came in 1827 and meetings were held at the 'farm.' There were no other denominations in the township. The cost of the new chapel was £75 and the society was hoping to start a Sunday school. 

The new chapel measured 18'(w) x 24'(l) x 12'(h).

The opening is described by W Horsell in the Primitive Methodist magazine.

The only problem is that there are quite a few Newtons even within the Cwm circuit extent.  Do you know where this one was? It's filed in Herefordshire but that is not confirmed.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1833 page 295


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