Peasmore Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former Ebenezer Primitive Methodist chapel in Peasmore.

West View Peasemore RG20 7JN

By Christopher Hill

Peasmore Primitive Methodist chapel in the Shefford circuit was opened on October 9th 1831 and the event is described by John Ride in the Primitive Methodist magazine. Preachers at the opening were Sister Smith, Brother Kerby and Sister Harding. Collections at the opening were liberal.

The new chapel measured 18'(w) x 21'(l).

Ebenezer Primitive Methodist chapel (which may be the 1831 chapel or a later one) is marked on West View on Ordnance Survey maps from 1877 until 1913 but has disappeared by the 1970 map.


 Primitive Methodist magazine 1832 page 268

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